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We can have discussions until the end of time about how women are put into hetero romantic roles far too often in media and how often this is done in an extremely problematic and sexist way. We can also talk about how there need to be more romance-free women and more types of relationships between women and men, women and other women, etc. in media. These are valid and important discussions. 

But don’t you ever condemn a woman or think less of her just because her feelings for a male character happen to be romantic. And don’t you ever think a character is so much greater because she doesn’t fall in love with anyone in the narrative. 

Mako Mori would not suddenly become less feminist if she had snogged Raleigh on the mouth at the end of the film. Donna Noble wants to stay with the Doctor because she loves adventuring and because she platonically loves him, but this does not make her more feminist than Rose Tyler who wants to stay with him because she loves adventuring and because she loves him romantically. 

A romance plotline can be written in a way that demeans the woman involved and presents them in an extremely sexist manner, and this is sadly very common.

But the idea of a woman falling in love or not falling in love, whichever way it goes, has no bearing on her value as a character. And by behaving as if it does, not only are you implying that women who fall in love are lesser, but that a female character’s value really IS determined by their relationship (or lack there of) to a male character.

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