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18 Oct 2012 2 notes
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So I got my special Lush order in! Basically a couple of weeks ago Lush had an onsite chat, and they had a bunch of goodies available only to chat visitors. I snagged… a lot of them. They actually ended up keeping a lot of them up online even after the chat, but whatever, I have no idea how long they’ll stay.


  • Silver Cloud Bath Bomb- I am weak to anything sparkly (as long as it’s not vampires), so I had to snag this one up. Plus it’s floral AND citrus? Yesss.
  • Witch’s Ball Bubble Bar- I know it looks really odd, but I’m super excited for this one. It’s filled with sage oil and dried cranberries, and the smell is awesome. It smells very woodsy.
  • Gingerbread House Bubble Bar- I love the smell of cinnamon. Plus, look how cute it is!
  • A Gold Star Bubble Bar- A friend of mine raved about this, but even if she hadn’t I would have picked it up. Again with the sparkles-are-my-weakness thing, but I also just adore the smell.


  • Magic Bath Bomb- I hesitated on this one, but I’m glad I got it because the smell is great. Plus when I went to the actual Lush store and mentioned that I’d ordered it, one lady was like OMG IT’S SO WONDERFUL.
  • The Boog- It’s a combination between a bubble bar and a bath bomb like Miss Whippy (which I miss!). Plus it apparently shoots out all kinds of colors, like little bathtub fireworks? THIS EXCITES ME.
  • Twinkle Bath Bomb- Also sparkly! It’s a small one, but the smell is lovely.
  • Glögg Shower Gel- I love Glögg! As in the actual stuff. It’s an alcoholic drink served HOT during the winter in Nordic countries. I had some of it a couple of years ago, and it was amazeballs. God Bless World Market. Anyway, obviously anything that’s Glögg scented was a must.
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